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 Google Analytics Measurement System offers a variety of statistics, which you can explore   in many ways to reveal important information about your website on which you can base your web content management decisions. 

However, our experience shows that the vast majority of web statistic interpretation is performed incorrectly many website administrators use only a tiny fraction of  the potential  of Google Analytics.  We will help you  get the most of your web data measurement and more.

 What do I get?

  • We will create  a new Analytics account for you or conduct a thorough review of the measurements of your existing account.
  • Specific configuration of Analytics best fitting your site and the needs of your company.
  • Instructions to your programmers on how to improve measurement scripts at your site.
  • Detailed setup of your measurements, that will provide the most accurate data for your decision.
  • Special setup of your measurement for Slovak environment - provide monitoring of all major Slovak webshop and full text search engines, improved visitor records from Czech catalogues etc.
  • Set order tracking, important and interesting events on your site.
  • Examine all past webpage changes.
  • Advice on the most effective ways of tracking your advertising campaigns.
  • Final report including  description of settings and advice on the recommended focus points of web monitoring specific to your website.

 Do I need this service?

 Correct settings of the measuring system are crucial for the achievement of effective marketing in  all types of websites:

e-commerce projects - e-shops, reservation systems ...
content sites - corporate websites, information and news sites ...

 What do I need to run this?

 Once you have created your Google Analytics account, we will ask you to provide administrator access.  You will receive entry forms to be filled in with all the necessary information we need to complete our job.